Lyft Driver Stories: I’ll Never Look At Life The Same Way

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The first post I did about my interesting Lyft stories more mentioned the funny encounters that I had while driving that weekend. This post, however, takes a slightly different direction, as this one conversation really had an impact on me.

A younger women got in my car and told me that she was a nurse. One of my good friends is a nurse in Ohio so I started talking about how he loves his job, and she started talking about how bittersweet her job was. As it turns out, she works in end of life care. Basically, she is the nurse that takes care of people right before they die – when they’re literally lying on their death bed.

I wasn’t exactly sure how to react, because I can’t imagine what that must be like, so I brought up the famous article by Bronnie Ware about the Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying. She said she absolutely agreed with that article, and then she said these words: I’m the luckiest person in the world to do what I do.

She then went on to tell me all the amazing, life-changing realizations that she’s had after working there for years. She told me how she had completely life altering conversations with numerous patients, as they would literally pour their heart out as she was one of the last people they would ever talk to before they died.

In addition to the article mentioned above, she said that the biggest regret people had was that they didn’t have the courage to pursue their dreams. At that moment, she said, people realized that they always had all these dreams and ambitions that will now never be realized. She also said that people stated they wish they spent more time with their friends and family, as so many people work so much without thinking about what they are going to remember when they’re lying on their death bed. She said that all these encounters she had weren’t negative – they more just reminded her of what’s important in life.

The most inspiring interactions, she said, were people that were completely accepting of what was coming. She said it was extremely inspiring seeing people, only days away from the end, completely embrace the future because they lived a fulfilling life.

Sometimes we look at those moments as so far in the future, but the insane part is that life is so short and too many people realize that when it’s too late.

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