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Laidback Luke & Made in June – Paradise (feat. Bright Lights) [Freccero Remix]

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This is the first remix I’ve released in a while, and I absolutely love how it came out. I took a very unique direction for this remix of Laidback Luke and Made in June’s track Paradise (featuring Bright Lights), as I wanted to blend Tropical House with a hard-hitting techno vibe. I almost want to call this genre “Dark Tropical House,” as the verses are very happy and upbeat, and the drops are very intense and in-your-face.

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Song Explanation

For this track I really wanted to explore using unique sound design, as I’ve never really worked with these types of synths before. Like I said above, the verses were very Tropical, and I had the drops be more heavy analog/techno style.

I almost pictured this track as a complete party day – the verse are the daytime where people are relaxing and have a couple drinks on the beach, and the drops are the nighttime where the energy is high and people are going crazy.

So the track starts out with a very typical percussion groove, mainly for mixing purposes. I start bringing in some Tropical elements, just to prepare the listener for the verse.

On the verse, I really highlight Bright Light’s vocals, as she’s easily one of my favorite female EDM singers. Along with her vocals I have a lot of low end elements, just to create some slight tension and suspense, along with a Tropical House melody.

I then have the track build up, leading into a very heavy drop. I decided to go with a Bass House/Techno type vibe, having the main percussion be a Kick-Snare-Kick-Snare-etc. pattern. For the synths, I made some really intense analog style textures using Serum along with a comb filter (which can create a lot of unique frequencies). With all that combined, it created a really intense and hard hitting drop that also blended with with Bright Lights vocals (which I bring in for the second part of the drop).

As the song progresses, the same pattern occurs: Tropical Vibe in the verse, then heavier side on the drop. Although the vibes are a bit different, I actually found that the song blended together really well, creating an energetic track from start to finish.

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