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LA House

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Here is my 2nd full length album, LA House! This is a very different album than my other releases, as I really went for a different style and vibe. Like other genres of music, there are certain parts of the country that have different styles of electronic music, and I’ve found that LA has a very Housey feel. As a result, I decided to make an album encapsulating the LA vibe in an album – each song having a LA twist on Deep House, Tech House, G House, and other genres.

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1. Roofdeck

Kicking off the album is my Deep House track Roofdeck. LA has a lot of roofdeck bars and rooftop clubs, so I wanted to produce a track that made me feel like I had a drink in my hand on a Sunday at 2pm. The sun is out, life is good, there’s no worries. I purposely made this track a slight bit repetitive, as I wanted to have a strong Deep House feel with a really strong low end.

2. Hard All Night

This is one of my favorite tracks off the album, as Hard All Night is a hard-hitting G House track. Since LA is pretty non-stop with partying, I had strong, gritty vocals along with a heavy bass line. For this track I wanted it to be a heavy banger, encapsulating the feeling of partying all day and all night.

3. Fuego

While most of the tracks on this album have a strong house vibe, Fuego is a very strong Moombahton track. LA has a gigantic latin culture, in addition to having a strong Moombahton scene. For this track I really tried to blend the signature elements of Moombah while still having a strong house feel in the track.

4. Dubba De Dub

Ahhh Dubba De Dub. This is definitely the most upbeat track on the album, as I really wanted to make a fun Tech House track with some funky elements. This track as a really groovy low end to compliment the tech house feel, along with the main vocal line going in and out of the track.

5. The Game

Fun fact about this track: It’s the first time I’ve “sung” in one of my own songs. As you can tell, my voice is heavily modulated, but hey – it counts. This is an electro house track about losing the game (sorry if you just lost it!). I’ve found that electro house isn’t as popular as other house genres in LA, so while this is an electro house track at heart, I still wanted it to have a minimalistic feel.

6. Night Ride

Most tracks on this album have the typical structure: Intro – Verse – Chorus – Verse – Chorus – Outro. For Night Ride, I wanted it to be more of a constant feel, rather than the up-and-down flow of the other tracks. Because LA is a beautiful place to drive though, I wanted to make the perfect track to compliment those night rides through the city. When I think of driving, the genre of techno immediately comes to mind, and this song matches that perfectly.

7. Take Your Shot

Last but not least, Take Your Shot. Numerous people (myself included) move to LA to take their shot at living the dream, whether that’s in acting, music, business, fitness, and more. I went for a trance feel on this track as I find that trance is a really emotional genre that’s both energetic and uplifting.

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