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Kyroman & Jounce – Get Up (Freccero Remix)

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Here’s my Bass House remix of Get Up by Kyroman & Jounce! I loved this track the first time I heard it, as it’s really catchy and upbeat, so I wanted to put my own unique spin on it. For this one I blended my own Bass House style that I’ve been working with a lot, along with some unique sound design and melody structure.

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Song Explanation

I’ve recently been really getting into Bass House, as it combines all the energy of House Music along with the intensity of Dubstep – creating a hard-hitting fusion. This remix that I did of Get Up works to do just that: Have a catchy track that is still intense while being fun to listen to.

For this remix I decided to start it off with a Percussion groove along with some vocal splicing from the original track (for mixing purposes). Then, for the verse, I had it be a bit suspenseful with a lot of elements being blended at once. This is good for DJing, in case I want there to be a chill point in one of my sets.

The track then builds up, and drops into a Bass House melody. For this drop, I did a lot of unique sound design that I’ve been working on (darker-style analog), along with typical Dubstep-style synths.

After the first drop, the track then flows into the second verse, which is very cinematic (a pretty big staple for my productions). Then there’s the inevitable build, which finally transitions into the second drop.

For the second drop, I decided to work with the sound design more, but this time really creating more harsh/in-your-face type sounds to really make it more intense and energetic.

The track then continues into the outro via percussion groove (for mixing purposes). This song was definitely an upbeat one, and perfect for dropping live for an high energy set.

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