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Keys n Krates & KRANE – Right Here (Freccero Remix)

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I’ve been on a remix roll lately. This is the 6th remix I’ve released in a row, but don’t worry – if you’re craving some originals, I’m going to be releasing a lot soon. It’s crazy, I’ve been producing roughly a track a day, so it’s becoming even harder to keep up with all the releases I’m planning (especially because I don’t want to forget about releasing a track!).

Anyway, jumping back to the main point of this post, here is my remix of Right Here by Keys N Krates & KRANE! I’ve been a gigantic fan of both these artists, so when I got a hold of the stems, I instantly went to work. This remix came out as a blend between Future Trap and Moombahton – enjoy!

Stream via YouTube: YouTube Link

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Song Explanation

This remix came out pretty fresh, as I wanted to put my own unique spin on the original while still making it something that stays true to Keys N Krates & KRANE’s style.

I started this track off with my own percussion groove, layering it with the vocals of the original track. The original BPM is 87, and because I wanted to take this song in a different direction, I sped it up to 104. The vocals are a lot faster obviously, and for some reason, I actually think they sound better sped up (just personal taste).

The track then builds up, jumping right into the Moombahton drop that I wanted to come to life. I layered a Moombahton percussion groove along with a metallic synth that I worked on, as I wanted to blend both the styles of Future Bass, Trap and Moombahton all into one. Usually the metallic sound is used a lot for darker/heavier melodies, but I wanted to create a euphoric melody that is both catchy and uplifting.

After the drop I transition into another quick build, as I wanted to keep the energy flowing and not have any low points. On the second drop, I decided to use the same elements as the first drop, I just variated the melody a bit to mix it up.

Upon the outro, I then bring in the pads from the original track to help smoothly end the track. I really like how this remix came out overall, as it came out unique yet still similar to both the artist’s styles.

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