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I haven’t done a re-cap post like this in a while – and damn, things have been so crazy.

I’ve been finishing up my next EP, Slapbet, in addition to already being half-way through my next EP, Buckera. There’s a lotttt of music coming up, so I’ll be letting you guys know every step of the way as I can’t wait to release everything. Here’s a mini preview of one track that’s going to be on my Buckera EP:

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Speaking of new music, this past weekend I released a remix/bootleg that I did of That’s My Kind Of Night by Luke Bryan. There is nothing more American than country music, and since it was July 4th this past weekend, it was the perfect time to release it. If you haven’t listened to it yet, here it is:
Continuing along with production, I’ve been working together with the very talented rapper THA CAPITAL G. We’ve been working on a dope track together, but I can’t talk about it until it’s officially released. Let’s just say it’s going to be fucking epic:


Besides production, I’ve been going to a ton of different events. I happened to see Opiuo last month, which was awesome because he was one of my biggest musical influences when I first started producing. His performance was mind blowing, as he performed with a complete live band – absolutely unbelievable:

A few weeks after seeing Opiuo, I heard some incredible news: I just got added to Pandora. Now you can log in and add Freccero as a Pandora station – and not gonna lie, it’s pretty good. It’s a blend of house, electro, trap, hip hop, dubstep and moombahton. I actually included it as one of my Top 5 Pandora Stations, simply because of the variety and not having one set genre.

The next weekend I went to my cousins wedding, and she was the first person in my family to get married, so everyone went pretty hard. Just to keep it classy, we ended pregaming a bit with a 40 of PBR:


Since the wedding there have been so many different events happening, too many to mention. But for the most part, I’ve been preparing for all my releases with my music and working with various artists, vocalists and rappers to make sure everything is in place for the future.

Be ready for pure buckness within the next couple months…

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