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Jim Jefferies

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I’ve always been a gigantic fan of Stand-Up Comedy, and so when I got the opportunity to meet Jim Jefferies, it sparked the idea of blending Comedy and EDM. This is a Future House track that I produced blending Jim’s routines with my productions – making it a pretty fun and upbeat track from start to finish. I got both these routines from his special I Swear to God.

Note: There is profanity in this track, and remember: these are jokes. Don’t take it too seriously.

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Song Explanation

I had a wicked fun time making this track, as it was the first time that I blended Comedy along with Music. Because I wanted this track to appeal to everyone – especially people that might not love EDM – I started it off with a catchy house riff.

Then, I filter out the main synth so it’s still playing in the background faintly, and bring in Jim’s routine:

If you’re over 25 and you still go to nightclubs, you’re a dick. You’re a dick, and you look like a loser, and if you drive around a car that goes pft-pft you’re a fuckin dick. If you’ve ever wanted to be a DJ that mixes songs – Dick.

I thought that was the perfect routine for this track, and after he says it, I then build the track back up into a funky electro/future drop. I wanted to make something funky to embody his personality, along with a catchy groove.

After the first drop, I go back into the melody from the beginning, where I bring in the second routine:

Ever ask a non-drinker why they don’t drink, same fuckin answer every time. You go, “Why don’t you drink?” And they go, “I don’t like the taste of it.” NOBODY DOES! No-one likes the taste of it, we drink cause we fuckin have to. No-one has ever had a shot of tequila and gone “Ooo that’s lovely!”

I then build the track back up into the second drop, which I made the exact same as the first except with more percussive elements to keep the energy going. The track then continues to the outro where I do a bit more sampling, referencing back to the first routine.

Given the fact that this was the first time I ever blended Comedy and EDM, it came out pretty awesome. I wasn’t sure if it would work well or not, but it’s something I’m considering doing more.

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