Jen Selter

Jen Selter

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I’ve always been a huge fan of Jen Selter, as she was one of the first people to really promote fitness and being healthy via her Instagram page. As a result, I definitely wanted to make a track about her, and it came out as a really groovy Moombahton and House track.

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I made this track for people looking to workout, given the fact that Jen Selter became famous from her fitness photos. She’s credited with inventing the “Belfie,” aka the Butt Selfie.

I started this song off with some synths stabs, then quickly jumping into a catchy funk groove with modulated vocals. Then the song quickly jumps into the build, and right before the drop I have the vocals “Squat Down Low,” referring to Jen’s strong philosophy that the Squat is one of the most important fitness moves. Side Note: She’s right – squats aren’t just for girls, it’s for everyone. Squats, when done properly, target numerous muscles and are one of the best exercises you can do.

At the drop I have an extremely lively Miami-like synth along with a tech house style bass. This is all blended with a Moombahton percussion groove, as I wanted to blend numerous genres into this drop. My goal was to really blend the clubbing feel of house with the dance feel of Moombahton, as the combination between the two creates the perfect track for working out.

After the first drop I move into a quick build, then into the second drop. I didn’t want there to be any dull space in this track, so after the quick build I jump into the second drop which involves an energetic electro house synth along with the original Miami-like synth.

Overall, this track is a super energetic and non-stop song, mimicking Jen’s positive energy and never ending motivation to help people reach their fitness goals.

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