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My Instagram Videos from 2016

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I’m constantly posting on social media and creating content for each platform. One platform that I use daily is Instagram, as I post tons of videos and pictures on it.

On Instagram, the length of videos is usually short, usually around 30 seconds. I posted a lot of interesting videos in 2016 about me partying, traveling, experiencing life, doing Parkour, and more. As a full re-cap, I decided to compile all of my Instagram videos into one video.

This video is 18 minutes long, so feel free to click around it as it’s pretty lengthy. I also have the full video list under it, describing each mini-video.

Also, in the beginning of each video, I list what the videos about and the location of where the video took place. Enjoy!

Video List:
1. Working on my track Flow
2. Julia Gilas’s video featuring my track Booty Drop
3. Julia Gilas’s video featuring my track Yeah, She Squats
4. Flipping Over my friend at Blarney Blowout
5. My friends new Smoothie place, My Main Squeeze
6. Playing with a Tesla coil that outputs music
7. Drunk speeches while getting Mexican Chinese food
8. Doing a car test for my track Metronome
9. Trying to get a Planche
10. DJing at Hubbable Parkour Jam
11. Beautiful scenery in Kansas
12. Brothers Bar at University of Illinois
13. Working on some corks
14. Opener for GTA at Hakkasan
15. GTA at Hakkasan
16. Doing flips on my car
17. Backstage at FOX Studios
18. Beautiful day for working out
19. Working on a straddle planche
20. Shooting for Buzzfeed
21. Martin Garrix @ Omnia
22. Fedde Le Grand @ Create
23. Editing, Rendering & Uploading videos while watching Supernatural
24. Being exhausted after my first Murph workout
25. Being onstage with Nas and GRiZ performing
26. Playing piano
27. Snails at EDC
28. Knife Party at EDC
29. MAKJ, Seven Lions, Zedd, Deorro, Axwell & Ingrosso, and NGHTMRE at EDC
30. Pool party at the standard
31. Preview of my track Gary Vaynerchuk
32. Kongs & Flips at JAM
33. Kongs & Corks at JAM
34. Tricking Moves at JAM
35. The LAB
36. Meowing War
37. Partying & Parkour
38. Working out at JAM
39. Flipping & Acro Yoga
40. Dane Cook & Nick Kroll at IMPROV, and Insomniac
41. Afrojack @ Omnia
42. Skrillex’s new movie
43. Solved a Rubix’s Cube
44. Jamming out to my new remix
45. Black Gummy @ Mau5trap event
46. Bassnectar @ Nocturnal Wonderland
47. AC Slater & Astronomar @ Sound
48. Hiking at Rocky Mountain National Park
49. Attempting to drink from a bottle in a 1-arm baby freeze
50. Walking Down Tires on my Hands @ HUB Parkour
51. Signing with my friends dog
52. Finally got a Planche! @ HUB Parkour
53. The WORST Shot of my Life
54. Jamming out to my new track, #TeamNoSleep
55. Wall Flips & Pull Up Combos
56. Snapchat Filters are weird

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