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Weirdly enough, I just found the picture above (the main one for this blog post) on my phone. It was taken at UMass Amherst Homecoming weekend, which was absolutely crazy. Funny side note: I ended up doing a shot with my old high school teacher. Good times. Life has been absolutely insane this past month, and as I’m preparing to move to LA in February, things are getting even better.

To start off, I’ve received a lot of positive attention about my post of not waiting to quit your day job, so I figured to post the link again. As things in my life get more and more hectic and crazy (in a good way), it’s a reminder that quitting my accounting job and pursuing my dreams early was the best move I ever did.

I’ve been producing like crazy, and been busting out roughly a couple tracks a week. There’s still a lot of music I haven’t released, just because I’m working with different artists, labels, etc. Remember how I kept mentioning Slap Bet? Yup – it’s done, just finishing the logistics behind it. In the mean time, I released my remix of Get On Up and I also released a single called Victory Loves Preparation. It’s one of my favorite releases I’ve had, as it blends Moombahton and Dubstep with Cinematic Elements. You can listen to it below:

I performed at Wonder Bar last night, opening for Late Night Radio and Marvel Years, so it was a perfect setting to play all my unreleased tracks and hear them on a big system.

In addition to producing like crazy, I was featured on the World Free Running & Parkour Federation’s website. The interviewed me about the combination of Parkour, DJing, and pursuing your dreams. Check it out here: The Parkour Life?! Can you clean toilets? One man’s journey… 

They also used my remix of I Know The Truth in their video for the 2015 North American Women’s Parkour Jam, and the remix actually goes really well with Parkour.

I was also featured on The Art of Adventure podcast, which the first podcast I’ve ever done actually. It was an awesome experience, as Derek – the creator of the podcast – is an amazing interviewer who asked a lot of really interesting questions. The podcast is roughly an hour long, and I talk all about my journey of quitting accounting, pursuing DJing, The Light Nearby Project, music production and more.

It’s awesome to have a lot going on, as I’m getting ready to move to LA in February. My friend, Nathan (the one who I featured in the 5 fitness entrepreneurs post) has been helping me get in shape and get stronger, so I’m starting to see some results.

Unfortunately I have to cut this blog post short, as I have to finish up a couple Remixes I’m working on (my production schedule has been insane), but I’ll close out with this awesome statement I saw by Andrew W.K.:

Andrew W.K.

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