I Got Recognized in an Uber (Always Say Hi!)

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This past weekend I had a pretty interesting interaction in an Uber. As a result of this story, and possible future situations, I wanted to make this blog post.

While taking an Uber, in the start of the ride, I noticed that the driver kept looking back at me. I couldn’t tell if he was looking at me specifically (I was wearing PJs, so I looked kinda ridiculous) or just out the rear view mirror.

Roughly half-way through the ride, he asks me: “Are you a blogger/vlogger?” Now at this point, I felt like that was a pretty random question, but then it hit me – maybe he’s seen some of my videos? At the time of this post, I have roughly 2 million hits on my YouTube Channel, so it was definitely possible.

He said “Yes! I thought that was you, but wasn’t sure.” At this point, me and him talked about YouTube, Uber & Lyft ,and a lot of other things for the rest of the ride.

And I figured that this would be a pretty good time to say this: If you ever see me out in public, definitely stop by and say hi. Whether you’re a fan of my music, my videos, my blog, or something else, I love meeting people who have interacted with my content.

As simple as it sounds, I’m only able to do what I’m doing right now because of people listening to my music, watching my videos, and more. That results in me making more videos, producing more tracks, performing at more shows, and a lot more.

In addition, if you do come and say hi, I’ll probably film a video of us and give you a shoutout too (I’ve been doing that a lot more lately). It makes it a lot more exciting and fun meeting fans in real life, as oppose to just seeing online analytics.

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