Huel Review

Huel Review

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With tons of supplements, articles, studies, and more being released about health and nutrition, it can get overwhelming. It’s tough to know what’s going for you and what’s bad for you…but it doesn’t have to be.

Introducing Huel.

Huel is a nutritionally complete food, containing everything the body needs. All the macro and micronutrients, without excess chemicals and other harmful ingredients. After having Huel, I was completely blown away – so here’s my complete review of it!

What IS it exactly?

Huel is a nutritionally complete food that you can have anytime, anywhere. For example, instead of having a salad and apple for lunch, you could have Huel and an apple.



Huel is roughly $2 a meal – making it extremely cost effective. Especially because I’m a DJ/Music Producer, it can get difficult when traveling to not spend $10 for every meal and eat out all time. In addition, Huel has everything your body needs, so it’s an extremely health alternative to fast food, junk food, and other unhealthy options.


Simple and Convenient

This is my favorite thing about Huel – 1 cup has 500 calories, tons of vitamins and minerals, and 37 grams of protein. All you have to do is take the powder, mix it with water, and you have an instant meal. The amount of time that’s saved – especially with cooking and cleaning up dishes – is massive.


Mental Benefits

I didn’t expect this one, but what I noticed is I stopped worrying about having “enough protein” or getting all the nutrients I needed for the day. The mental “stress” of making sure I was eating healthy for the day was gone, even if I only had Huel for a couple meals.



The first question people usually ask me is about the taste. You can either get unsweetened or vanilla, and both taste great. The best way I can describe the taste is of sweet oatmeal – I genuinely enjoy it. You can always add it into shakes, smoothies, and more, so if you’re really picky about taste, you can mix it up.


Negative Aspects?

Like any other product, nothing is ever completely perfect. Anytime I review something I always like to mention any negative parts, just be 100% transparent. The truth is, it was hard to find a really negative part about Huel, but I’d say one downside is that there’s a lot of sodium per serving. For one 500 calorie serving, there’s 410mg of sodium – meaning that if you have the recommended 4 cups a day, you’re getting 1,650mg of sodium daily.

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