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How To Start A Blog (In Just A Few Minutes!)

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In my opinion I think everyone – and I mean everyone – should have their own site or blog. Especially with entrepreneurs, having your own site makes it extremely easy for people to find your works and more information about you. The best part about this day-and-age is that you can start your own website in literally a couple minutes for just a few bucks a month. Instead of going on and on about the benefits – and there are a lot of them – I’d rather just show you how to start your own site or blog in just a few minutes!

1. Head to BlueHost. That’s the main site that I use to host all my sites, as it’s extremely reliable and used by the top bloggers and internet marketers in the world. If you sign up for hosting with BlueHost you’ll also get a domain for free, saving you money and making the process even easier.

Start your site here: BlueHost

2. After submitting all your information and picking the right plan, wait a few minutes for your control panel, called cPanel, to load.

3. Once it’s loaded, scroll down and click “Install WordPress.” On the next screen, click Install. Note: Sometimes it can take another couple minutes to load the WordPress plug-in if you just purchased your site.

4. On the next page, click “Check Domain,” and then click “Show Advanced Options.” Change the Site Name or Title to whatever you want your site to be called. This doesn’t have to be the same name as your domain – for example, your domain could be, and you could have your site title be Best Site. Then click Install Now.

5. It’s going to take a couple minutes to install. Once it’s completed, head to your email, as your new login information will be present.

6. To access your WordPress Control Panel, which is where you will spend 99% of your time blogging/designing your site, head to 

7. Enter in your login information you received from the email, and boom! You should be in. Make sure to change your password immediately, as the temporary password given to you is pretty tough to memorize.

8. You’re all set! Now you can begin blogging, posting information, and completely customize your site. Remember: Although WordPress is mainly used for blogging, you can still create a static/informational site with it.

Start your site here: BlueHost


If you’re like me, you probably want to start blogging not only to have information for people but also to make a couple extra bucks on the side. Here are a couple links to videos and pages that I made to help you out:

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How To Put Ads On Your Site – This is one of the easiest, and most passive, ways to make money through your site. Pretty easy to get started.

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Adding a Privacy Policy Page – This is one of the first things you should add to your site, as it’s good for SEO and for legal reasons.

Increasing Traffic by Keyword Analysis – Keyword Analysis is an advanced SEO technique, and this video teaches you the secrets behind it

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