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I absolutely love making videos and YouTube is a perfect place to upload them for free and share them with the entire internet. One great benefit of posting YouTube videos is that you make money off them – and trust me when I say it’s a lot easier than you think. Don’t get me wrong – you’re not going to become filthy rich right away – but YouTube is a great source of passive income in addition to being a perfect marketing tool.

I currently run two YouTube accounts. My main one is Marc Freccero, which has all my music, fitness, business and traveling videos (basically my personal YouTube channel about my life). My second one is Buck Living, which contains all the videos I have related to making money, saving money, networking and having the rich mindset (it’s the YouTube channel for my blog Buck Living).

To help you create your own YouTube channel and start making money right away, here are two different videos that I made on techniques I use to maximize my earnings. Even if you already have a YouTube channel, I promise these videos will help you in some way. The first video is the basics, and the second video goes over advanced techniques. In addition, I have the posts listed below to each video incase you would rather read what I say as oppose to watching a video.

Script: How To Make Money On YouTube (Part 1)

Script: How To Make Money On YouTube (Part 2)

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