How to Fit MORE Music on Your iPhone

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This is a really cool trick to fit MORE music on your iPhone, iPod, Smartphone, MP3 Player…basically any device that can hold music. I wanna give a word of caution with this technique though – the more music that you can fit on your phone, the less quality each track is going to be. The best part is that you can adjust each track as you like, or even group them for the ones you want high quality and the ones you want low quality.

Side Note: The song demonstrated in the video above is my track Metronome. Download it for free here: Metronome.

I’m going to explain this in a few steps, although watching the video will make it easier to understand everything.


1. Download iTunes

It’s completely free, so download it here: iTunes Download. This works for both Mac & Windows computers.


2. Choose Quality

Go to iTunes -> Preferences -> General -> Import Settings. Now you’ll see Import Using and Quality. Select the MP3 Encoder under Import Using, and select Custom under Quality. A new screen will pop up – don’t select anything (leave the options as they are), and only touch Stereo Bit Rate. Select your rate – the higher the number the better quality, but then the files will take up more space. I usually chose 320kpbs, which is the highest MP3 quality, but you can adjust it as you like. If you’re a casual listener with music then you might not even notice a huge quality drop, so you can keep adjusting it until you find a quality you like.


3. Convert Songs

Right click on the song(s) you want to change, and click “Create MP3 Version.” Even if you’re file is already a MP3, click it anyway, as it’s going to convert it based off the most recent settings you just adjusted it with. What really helps with this is to right click the bar with Name, Time, Artist, etc and select “Size” as an option. That way, you can see how big/small each file is, allowing you to quickly see which ones are high quality and which ones are low quality.


That’s it! It’s pretty simple to do this, and it can be useful for adding more music on your iPhone or any other device. Keep this in mind: It WON’T work on CDs, as those are based off length – not track size. The best part about this technique is that you can choose which songs you want high quality and which songs you don’t care about having amazing quality. Especially if you listen to tracks at the gym, you don’t care as much about having amazing quality while working out, so you can adjust everything based off it’s use and need.

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