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How Much Money do you Make PER VIEW on YouTube?

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Anytime I tell people that I make money via my YouTube Channel, the inevitable question is always regarding how it works/how I get paid. Usually, it’s in the form of “Okay…so how much do you get paid per view?”

This is a really tricky question to answer, and it’s not a straight forward dollar amount. So in this post I’m going to give you a behind the scenes look into 3 of the biggest factors that determine how much I make via Youtube.

Like I said above, there are 3 main factors that go into how much I make on YouTube. The first is Number of Views, the second is Engagement, and the third is CPC/Content Type.

Now with the first part, the number of views is pretty self-explanatory. The more views I get, the more money I make. Even though that is an important factor, that’s not the biggest one actually, as the next two are a lot more important.

With Engagement, it’s all about how people interact with the ads on your videos. If a lot of people click on the ads on your videos, you’re going to make a lot more per video than if people just skip the ad or don’t click it. The tricky part with this is that it’s out of your control – you can’t really change anything regarding how people interact with your ads. Important Side Note: NEVER, and I mean NEVER, tell people to click on your ads. Google, who owns YouTube, is incredibly smart, and will easily catch on.

The bulk of what determines how much you make on YouTube, and how much you make per view, is CPC (Cost Per Click) and Content Type. Essentially, here’s what happens: A company goes to Google and they want to put an ad on some videos. Various companies will out bid each other, until one pays the most to be on your video.

From a companies perspective, there’s only so much they want to pay. For example, if I do a video on how to do a good push-up, they might advertise a $30 gym membership. Why would they spend $10 to have their ad on your video, when they have to show it a bunch of times until someone buys a membership. If anything, they’ll lose money.

This is why certain topics will pay more per view than other topics. Areas like buying a home, renting a car, travel hacks, starting a company, etc, pay a lot per click because companies know that instead of getting a $30 gym membership, someone might buy a $18,000 car. A company might spend more to have their ad on your video, but the ROI (Return on Investment) is tremendously higher.

As you can imagine, these 3 factors (and more) really attribute to how much I make per view. It’s a complicated answer, which is why I can’t even give an exact answer because it changes hour by hour, day by day, month by month, and year by year. Above anything, I just know that if I keep making high quality videos, the amount I make per view will always be good.

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