How do you Upload so many YouTube Videos?

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At the time of this post, I have roughly 600 videos that I’ve uploaded to my Youtube Channel so far. I upload roughly 2-3 videos a day, ranging in topics like my music, gaming, random adventures and events, video production tutorials, and more. On top of all of this, I’m producing music every day, doing Parkour, blogging, attending events, performing at shows, and more. One question that I get a lot, and recently got asked on my #ASKFRECCERO series, is how I’m able to upload so many YouTube videos.

There are mainly 3 techniques/methods that I use, specifically for YouTube, to upload numerous videos daily. Some of these techniques are specific to YouTube but can be applied to just about every area of life.


1. Work

I pretty much work non-stop, and I love what I do. Although there are a few efficiency techniques that I use to pump out videos and content, it’s mostly just the fact that I work and hustle 24/7. The truth is, I always ask myself this: Is what I’m doing, right now, getting me to where I want to be? If the answer is no, then I change what I’m doing.


2. Edit FIRST, Film Second

Now I know that technically this is impossible – but it’s important to think about it backwards. Editing is very tedious process that usually takes up most YouTubers time; however, it doesn’t have to be that way. When I film videos now I edit them first in my head, as in I try to think of how I’m going to edit it before I start filming. That way, when I hit record, I film in such a way that makes the editing process easy and quick.


3. Two Birds, One Stone

This is definitely the biggest one on the list. I always ask myself: Am I able to get a video out of this? For example, a lot of my videos are when I’m driving. Because I figure, if I have to drive, why not get a video from it? If I’m going to an event, why not film it and do a recap? This is my mindset with filming, and not only does it make it easier to get videos, but it also makes them more interesting and relatable to your life.

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