HARDWELL – Party Till The Daylight (Freccero Remix)

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I’ve been releasing a lot of originals lately, and I realized I hadn’t been doing too many remixes. I love remixing tracks, but sometimes the legal aspects can get super tricky. The good thing is that Soundcloud has worked out a lot of legal issues, making it easier to uploading remixes and not jeopardize your account.

Since Hardwell released his new track Party Till The Daylight I really liked the direction he took, as it’s a lot different than his other releases. Therefore, I thought it would be the perfect track to remix as I could put my own Freccero spin on it.

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Song Explanation

I knew right away that I wanted this track to be an electro banger, but I wanted to take it in a different direction. Most club tracks are usually a kick drum happening on every quarter note with some big room synth, and I wanted to steer away from that direction.

I started this track off with some percussion and typical intro progression, which then goes into the main vocals of the track. The intro and build are pretty standard, as I worked to make the drop super unique and interesting.

Upon the drop, I had a bass house-style synth that I variated a lot to give it a very strong “wobble” feel, immediately setting the tone for the drop. In addition, I had the percussion be a Melbourne bounce groove, which I find makes the track a bit more catchy in general.

I then had the bass house synth alternate with a hard trap-style screech, doing a call-and-response type game between them. Upon the last part of the first drop, I then half-time it, creating a trapy type melody.

After the first drop I had a pretty quick interlude, as I just pitched down the original vocals an octave to add variation, then built up to the second drop.

This time I had the same call-and-response between the synths, however I highlighted the trap screech a lot more and only featured the bass house-synth a little bit. I also switch up the syncopation between them a lot, making it a more interesting drop.

Overall this was a good remix to do as I haven’t remixed a track in a while, and I was able to take a cliche house track and really put a unique spin on it.

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