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Muhahahahaha. Here’s my Scary EDM track to start Halloween off right. This is a heavy bass Trap song, featuring scary and frightening elements. Listener Beware.

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Song Explanation

In order to kick this track off right, I started with hard-hitting percussion and Trap Horns. Right from the beginning I wanted it to be in-your-face, so as the intro continues, I bring in a few different halloween samples: a scary laugh and a girl screaming.

Next, as the intro moves into 2nd section, I bring in an intense dubstep synth that has a lot of high end. I worked a lot in Serum to make this synth be very gritty – almost piercing sonically – to further create an uneasy feel. I keep repeating a melody, which then comes to life in the first verse.

Upon the first verse, I repeat the melody a few times while only having a few elements playing at the same time. This helps build suspense and makes it more intense once the build comes, as that’s when I bring the bass back in.

Right before the drop, I have a dark sample say “This is Halloween,” and then the track really kicks in.

For this drop, I decided to keep it minimalistic, focusing on a heavy 808 in the low end and a trap-like pluck for the drop instrument. This repeats the melody that I used with the dubstep synth, making it easy to follow. As the drop continues, adjust the pitch of the main pluck synth while also bringing certain elements in and out of the drop.

After the first drop, I go into a quick interlude, which then builds up into the 2nd drop. For this interlude I just changed the melody that the dubstep synth plays, so it prepares the listener for a different drop.

On the 2nd drop, I decided to loop the pluck a bit, and wait for the 808 to kick in to give it more flavor and make it more interesting. The drop then continues with this pattern, using the same effects and elements as the first drop to still keep it familiar.

The drop then continues into the outro, which closes out the track with the percussion and horn stabs.


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