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GRiZ (feat. Cherub) – PS GFY (Freccero Remix)

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I’ve been pumping out remixes like crazy, as I’ve been going back and forth between finishing up my remixes along with a bunch of original tracks. Next up in the line of remixes I’ve finished up is my remix of PS GFY by GRiZ featuring Cherub. I’ve always loved GRiZ, as he combines electronic music with funk, and I loved Cherub as well in terms of their unique funky style and vocals.

For this track, PS GFY, it’s originally a funk track, so I put a very heavy glitch-hop spin on it with Moombahton elements. Enjoy!

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Song Explanation

For this remix I kept a lot of the original track in tact but switched it around a bit. First off, in the beginning, I had a bit longer intro for mixing purposes, while adding some Moombahton elements to let people know right away that it’s a remix.

During the first verse, which highlights Cherub’s funky vocals, I just layered a Moombahton drum pattern on top of the original track, subtly adding my own flavor.

The big change happens right before drop, as I distort the first part of the drop from the original track (it’s a bit of a fake out). Then, I build it back up quickly, creating more suspense and also letting you know that it’s going to be very different than the original.

For the drop, I used a ton of heavy dubstep and glitch hop synths, layered with a Moombahton percussion pattern. In addition, I use a few different samples from the original in the break points of the drop. I really wanted this drop to take a completely different direction than the original, bringing out my own unique style and sound design.

Next, I jump into the second verse, which is produced the same way as the first (minimal editing, just some percussive layering).

Upon the second drop, I use the same “fake out” technique as before, creating tension again for another heavy drop. The second drop is the same style as the first: Heavy Synth design, Moombahton percussion, full in-your-face Glitch Hop.

Overall this track came out pretty intense, a lot more heavy than I imagined when I first started producing it. I love the overall flow of it though, as it’s really good for a live performance. I’ve been getting a crazy ton of positive feedback for it, so definitely check it out!

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