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Getting Ready for a Fitness Photoshoot (Part 2 – Fitness)

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In part 2 of getting ready for a fitness photoshoot, I’m going to talk about the fitness regimen I have leading up to a shoot. If you haven’t checked out Part 1 yet, I would start there, as it’s all about Nutrition – the most important element of preparing for a shoot (Check it out here: Part 1 – Nutrition).

Keep this in mind: You can’t get ready for a shoot in just a week. With all these parts, I’m assuming that you’ve been working out hard, watching what you eat, and remembering that a photoshoot could pop up at anytime.

Now onto Part 2 – the exact fitness workout and strategy I have the week prior to a shoot!

Here’s my workout that I always do the week prior to a fitness photoshoot.

Day 7 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (ONLY Bodyweight)

►One week exactly from the shoot I only focus on upper body moves that are bodyweight in nature (specifically no weights). This helps me get in the mentality of high reps and low rest, which I’ll talk about later. Dips, pushups, and more are going to be the main portion of this workout.

Day 6 – Back & Biceps

►For the rest of the workouts, it’s okay to use weights. For this workout specifically I work on alternating between different types of bicep curls and pull-ups. As I’ll explain later, I really want to do moves that target multiple muscle groups, and pull-ups work numerous muscles all at once.

Day 5 – REST

►I give my body an extra day of rest mid-way through the workout regimen because the last 2 days are brutal, and I want as much energy as possible.

Day 4 – Lower Body

►On day 4 you’ll really start to feel it, as you won’t be eating carbs so the workout will feel a lot harder. I’ll do a lot of various lower body moves, targeting my glutes, quads, calves, and more. Remember to take proper pre-workout supplements, as I’ll explain below.

Day 3 – Upper Body

►This is the last full intense workout, so it’s time to give it your all. This workout is going to be grueling, as you want to fully deplete your glycogen levels to prepare for carb loading (as I explained in Part 1). In this workout I have extremely small rest periods, as I’m constantly switching between different muscle groups.

Day 2 & 1 – NOTHING

►I would avoid any physical activity the 2 days before your shoot. Obviously walking around and everything is okay, but any type of intense exercise will put more stress on your body. Especially because you’re going to be lowering your water intake, don’t do anything too strenuous.

Day 0 – Pump Before Shoot

►The day of your shoot, pump roughly 15 minutes beforehand. Photographers are used to this, and sometimes they’ll even tell you when to start getting pumped/primed to shoot. Now you get to see all that hard work get put to use!


Example Week

Pretend you have your photoshoot on a Monday, here’s what your week would look like:

Monday – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (ONLY Bodyweight)

Tuesday – Back & Biceps

Wednesday – REST

Thursday – Lower Body

Friday – Upper Body

Saturday – NOTHING

Sunday – NOTHING

Monday (Shooting Day) – Pump Before Shoot



Pre-Workout – Because you’re going to be completely dead as the week goes on, I would suggest having Protein, BCAAs, Creatine HCl and Caffeine before each workout. The combination of those 4 supplements will keep you going despite taking in no carbs. Side Note: Avoid “pre-workout” supplements – they’re really not good for you.

Multiple Muscles – Remember to perform moves that hit numerous muscle groups at once (Push-ups, Pull-ups, Squats, etc).

Structure – High Reps, Low Rest

NO Cardio – As you could tell by the workout regimen, I do absolutely NO cardio. Not only does lifting weights burn more fat, but these workouts are specifically cardio-ish in nature. If you’re doing a lot of reps and taking little rest it should keep your heart rate up and keep that blood flowing.


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