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Getting Pulled Over With Bagpipes

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Usually I like to do these re-cap blog posts every so often, and I’ve been so busy that I completely forgot to do one recently. There has been an incredible amount of things going on, which is perfect timing as I’m getting ready to move to LA in April (next month – woooooo!).

Kicking this post off, roughly a week ago was the 1 year anniversary of when I released my debut album, The Light Nearby. It was perfect timing as it was also Thursday, making it a great throwback. Like most of my music I’ve released, it’s completely free for download, and you can click that hyperlink in the previous paragraph to listen and download it.

Speaking of music, I’ve been releasing tons of tracks recently. My chillstep/future bass track, Flow, came out pretty awesome and is now used as The Art Of Adventure’s podcast theme song (I was featured on that podcast previously). In addition, Night Bandit and I finally released our collaboration Paper Popper, and I even did a remix/Freccero Flip of that track too. Lastly, I finally released my single Booty In The Nest – this is definitely a heavy bass Moombahton banger, so check it out below!

Continuing along with music, famous fitness model Julia Gilas recently used my track Booty Drop in her Instagram video, check it out here:

Also with music, the huge Pokemon Fan Page Pokedex featured my Pallet Town Remix, which was pretty awesome because it’s Pokemon’s 20th anniversary (perfect timing!).

Lastly with music, I officially became an artist with Google, as you can now access all my music (Pandora, YouTube, Spotify, etc) – wicked pumped:

Google Music

Besides music, there’s also been a ton of going on with other areas of my life. I mentioned it before on other social media platforms, but I had a photoshoot a few weeks ago for both fitness, acting, and DJing. The shots are still being finalized and edited, but here’s an example shot that came out pretty awesome:

Marc Freccero

Switching gears up a bit, this past weekend I went to Blarney Blowout at UMass (that’s what the main picture above is from). It was a pretty insane weekend, especially considering I partied with my friend Rory who’s a professional Bagpipe player. We’d be walking around the entire campus, bouncing from party to party, and he’d walk in and kill it on the bagpipes. The party would then shut off their music and have him play live while everyone raged to whatever he was playing.

Throughout the day, we constantly got stopped by cops – not in a bad way in the slightest bit – asking him to play for them. The entire day was a great last time being at UMass, especially before moving to LA. Even later during the day I ended up flipping over someone while at a party:

Now as I’m writing this I have a ton of stuff to do later today, so I’ll just post this list here. I’m constantly planning for bigger and better things, and this is my “to-do” list for 2016, making this year pretty epic. It’s buck time.

2016 Goals

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