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Get Buck EDM Workout Mix #2 [Future Funk]

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Here is the second installment of my Get Buck Workout Mixes, Future Funk. This mix contains only my own productions – 7 originals and 4 remixes. As oppose to my first mix, which was all Moombahton, this mix contains the styles of Future Funk, Jazz, Glitch Hop, and Electro Hip Hop. Check it out below!

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Track List
1. Hot Like Dimes (Freccero Remix) – Pretty Lights
2. Frogbass (Freccero Remix) – Snails
3. Mashed Potatoes (feat. Frappuccino & Night Bandit) – Freccero
4. Something From Outer Space (Freccero Remix) – Vibe Street
5. Victory Loves Preparation – Freccero
6. Paper Popper (feat. B.E.N.) [Freccero Flip] – Night Bandit & Freccero
7. Booty in the Nest – Freccero
8. Wake Me to the Beat – Freccero
9. Tricking – Freccero
10. Buzz Aldrin (Freccero Remix) – Night Bandit
11. Escalate (Boulder) – Freccero

Note: You can click any track above to listen to that specific one

If you listen to this mix and the first one that I made side-by-side, you’ll notice a huge difference between the two. I like to make a bunch of different styles of music, and since I played saxophone – specifically within the genre of jazz – for 7+ years, I love making funky music.

This mix starts off with a few remixes that I did, that are a blend of glitch hop and electro hip hop. I then jump into a few funky tracks that I made, then transferring into a bunch of heavy glitch hop tracks. The BPM of this mix then jumps from 115bpm to 128bpm at the end for the last 3 tracks, which are faster than all the rest.

I feel like this mix will definitely be a hit or miss with people, as it contains a lot of heavy tracks, so it all depends on what you like listening to! Obviously you can use my mixes for anything, so even if you don’t like listening to this type of music, it’ll be perfect for working out.

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