Get Buck EDM Workout Mix #1 [Moombahton]

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Not only am I huge into DJing and Music Production, I’m also big into Health & Fitness. As a result of not only producing tons and tons of tracks, but also working out almost every single day, I decided to start making EDM Workout Mixes that involve my productions. You can use these mixes not only for working out but any other use (partying, etc).

This first mix exists entirely of my own productions – 8 originals and 1 remix. Every track in this mix is a Moombahton banger, so the speed ranges from 110BPM to 115BPM.

Stream via Spotify: Spotify Link

Stream via YouTube: YouTube Link

Track List

1. Booty Drop – Freccero
2. Rebota el Culo – Freccero
3. Jen Selter – Freccero
4. Lionel Messi – Freccero
5. Goodiez (Freccero Remix) – JAUZ
6. In n Out (feat. Ragga Twins) – Freccero
7. Popozão – Freccero
8. Metronome – Freccero
9. Mountain Dubra (feat. Teddy Bennington) – Freccero

Note: You can click on any of the tracks above to instantly listen to that specific track!

The length of this mix came out to be roughly 25 minutes, which is a lot shorter than my usual DJ mixes, but I wanted it to consist of only my own productions, specifically within the Moombahton genre.

As you can see by the track list, each song is not only a Moombahton track but also has some house elements. I’ve produced other Moombahton tracks that are a bit heavier within the genre, and I decided to exclude those for a different mix because I wanted this one to just be a blend of Moombahton and House.

In addition, I DJ’ed this mix a bit “slower” than normal. Usually when I DJ I like to pack in as many tracks as possible into one upbeat mix, but this time, I decided to play each track out more than normal (especially because they’re all my own).

P.S. If you haven’t yet, check out my fitness section on my Youtube Channel where I demonstrate workouts and fitness techniques for free: Bodyweight Fitness.

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