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Wow so I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been incredible busy as I’ve started to do auditions here in LA, DJ Gigs, and a ton more. Unfortunately I haven’t been producing as much as I normally do but I have a few tracks lined up for release and more plans to produce…just wish there was more time in the day. Anyway.

Here is my newest release, FSTVL SEASN. As the name sounds, it’s an electro house banger to kick off Festival Season as it’s officially begun. It’s definitely my favorite season hands down!

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Song Explanation

This track came out as a straight up electro house/big room banger, meant for a big stage with pounding bass. The track starts off with one synth lead melody, meant to get stuck in your head. It then transitions into the first verse where I add a lot more elements to make it more cinematic.

Upon the drop, I have a very easy-to-follow melody, which is a huge staple in electro house/big room. I didn’t want this track to be anything mind blowing or complicated – I wanted it to be a fun, upbeat track that people can bounce to.

After the first drop, I transition into a very emotional/relaxing verse. Blending piano, atmospheric elements and snaps, I created a Soundscape-like feel on this part. I purposely had this in the track, as it makes it better for mixing in case I want to have a chill moment in one of my sets to bring the energy back again.

I then have the first synth from the beginning of the track echo out in 4 increments, bringing you back to the original melody and transition out of the slow/emotional part of the track.

The track then builds back up, and on the second drop, I had the same exactly melody except I add in a Hardwell Pitchbend (that’s just the name I have for it haha) to variate the drops and also add more tension and energy to the second drop.

Festival Season has arrived.

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