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Freccero’s EDM Power Hour

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Here is my Freccero only Power Hour! This mix contains 60 originals of mine, each track playing for a minute. I’ve always been a fan of Power Hour mixes because they feature a ton of music in such a short period of time, so I’m excited to finally release one that is entirely all my own music.

This Power Hour mix starts with some of my upbeat tracks, and then slowly gets more and more intense as the mix goes on. I only selected the 60 most energetic tracks for this mix, and it ranges in genres of House, Trap, Moombahton, Future Funk, Dubstep and more.

NOTE: This is for entertainment purposes only. Please Get Buck responsibly.

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Track List:
1. ID (Las Vegas)
2. Boston Celtics
3. Booty Drop
4. Jen Selter
5. Make It Pop
6. Day Drink (Columbus)
7. Derren Brown
8. The Dirty D (feat. Dzidza)
9. Yeah, She Squats
10. Metronome
11. Mountain Dubra (feat. Teddy Bennington)
12. Fuego
13. Yoga Pants (feat. THA CAPITAL G)
14. Record to the Decks
15. Mark Cuban
16. In n Out (feat. Ragga Twins)
17. Hot Damn Baby
18. Dubba De Dub
19. Cinco De Mayo
20. 100
21. Hard All Night
22. Take Your Shot
23. Send ‘Em to the Brig (feat. The OC Crew)
24. New England Patriots
25. Mardi Gras
26. Lionel Messi
27. Carpe Noctem (Seize the Night)
28. The Game
29. GPS
30. Elon Musk
31. Boston Bruins
32. Mashed Potatoes (feat. Frappuccino & Night Bandit)
33. Stoop Kid
34. 4th of July (Independence Day)
35. Capoeira
36. Rebota el Culo
38. #TeamNoSleep
39. Teez (طيز)
40. Dubra Nation (feat. Dubra Dylan)
41. Boston Red Sox
42. Dale (Miami)
43. Tricking
44. Pasquale Rotella
45. Popozão
46. Wake Me to the Beat
47. Dirty Grind (New York)
48. Wub With Me
49. Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki)
50. Gary Vaynerchuk
51. The Last Battle
52. Hit the Floor
53. Open Your Eyes
54. Booty in the Nest
55. Evolve (feat. Mariah Krista)
57. Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles)
58. Shake
59. Nitrous Oxide (NOS)
60. Bass Fire

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