Dubra EP

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Wooooooooo! I’m wicked excited to finally release my mini-album, Dubra EP. This was a really interesting album to make, as every track is meant to be a club banger. You can listen and download to the album below, and under the player below I have listed my explanation and process for each track!

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1. Dubra Nation (feat. Dubra Dylan)

Dubra Nation came out as a Melbourne Bounce banger, as I took elements from the original bass line of Melbourne Bounce and combined it with Big Room. I used a lot of reverb and effects on this track, as my goal was to create that big room/electro house feel while still holding true to Melbourne Bounce. Although I will say it did come out as a bit cliche “club banger,” I’m still happy about the melody and the progression of the track.


2. Mountain Dubra (feat. Teddy Bennington)

Mountain Dubra came out awesome. Huge shoutout to Teddy Bennington – she’s an amazing singer who absolutely killed it with the vocals on this track. I originally started this track off to be an interesting combo between dirty dutch and Moombahton, and it came out better than I originally intended. It takes a lot of elements from Miami Bass (especially the sound design) and blends it with a Moombahton pattern, making it a perfect 110 BPM track to drop on the dance floor.


3. The Dirty D (feat. Dzidza)

Lastly, The Dirty D. When I first was creating this EP I knew how the first two songs were going to sound, but The Dirty D was more open format where I was just going to let the song organically evolve. It came out to be a heavy trap banger, combining heavy bass along with hard-hitting house synths. It’s at the exact BPM of 97, so it’s a lot slower than most of my tracks, but it’s intended to being a powerful punch with strong syncopation.

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