Drinking A Gallon Of Water A Day For 40 Days: Week 5

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***UPDATE: I’ve officially completed this experiment, so check out the results here: Final Results

There’s only a week and a half left in this experiment, and so far it’s gone extremely well. There have been a lot of benefits that I’ve posted and talked about, and it’s interesting to see that I’m still getting more benefits as the weeks go on. Like I said last week, my skin definitely looks better and the bags under my eyes have improved. Throughout this entire experience I’ve tried to keep my daily routine the same except the water, so I can honestly say that most of these benefits are a result of my excess water intake.

One extremely interesting side effect, that I really haven’t mentioned until now, is muscle gain. I’m big into fitness, as I only do home bodyweight workouts, and I work out constantly. I didn’t want to say this before, because I wanted to wait until I was absolutely sure, but I can honestly say that I’ve gained more muscle as a result of drinking a gallon of water a day.

Here’s why though: It’s no surprise that the more water you intake while working out the harder you can workout. Drinking a lot of water while exercising allows you to make your workout more intense and for longer. Therefore, the benefit of building more muscle is an indirect effect of the water intake as oppose to a direct one. Nonetheless, I’ll definitely say that I can workout harder and do more rigorous physical movements, allowing me to build more muscle. Even if you never plan to try this experiment out, just the benefit of drinking a lot of water while exercising is well worth it.

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