Drinking A Gallon Of Water A Day For 40 Days: Week 4

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***UPDATE: I’ve officially completed this experiment, so check out the results here: Final Results

Last week in this whole experiment I said that the benefits plateaued – meaning that I didn’t notice any extra benefits past what I already got in the beginning. This week was a bit different.

To start off, I definitely lost more weight. To be honest, I really haven’t changed that much in my lifestyle in terms of diet, exercise, etc. Unfortunately, I can’t exactly say if I’ve lost more weight, but I will say this: my stomach is a lot flatter. It’s interesting because in the beginning, my stomach was extremely bloated and it seemed that it would stay that way throughout this experience. Now, in week 4, it’s way more flat than it was in the beginning.

The second benefit I noticed is that the dark circles under my eyes have started to go away. As an entrepreneur, my sleep cycle is completely random, and I really haven’t changed my sleep cycle. If anything, I’ve been waking up earlier, which would most likely lead to the bags under my eyes getting worse. I’ve also noticed, in this week, that my skin seems to be better around my face. I really don’t have any skin issues, but there’s definitely a noticeable change in my skin.

There’s only a week and half left of this whole experiment, so we’ll have to see what happens in the final days!

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