Drinking A Gallon Of Water A Day For 40 Days: Week 1

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***UPDATE: I’ve officially completed this experiment, so check out the results here: Final Results

Alright, so it’s officially been one week since I started drinking a gallon of water a day. There’s definitely been a lot of interesting changes, even just in a week, that I’ve noticed since I’ve started this whole adventure. I’ll be doing it for 40 days, so I’ve really just begun, but here’s how the first week went.

After the first day of doing this, I thought: Damn. This is going to be really annoying. The first few days were a huge hassle, as I forced myself to drink double the recommended amount of water. As you can imagine, I peed like crazy, which was even more annoying considering I was going to the bathroom every 20 minutes (not good for productivity). In addition, my stomach constantly expanded and contracted – and now I know exactly what girls mean when they say they feel “bloated.”

As the week progressed on, however, it actually got better and more enjoyable. What’s interesting is that I actually became more thirsty. I don’t know if this is because of a mental side effect or if my body is just more used to it, but I’ve been more thirsty than I’ve ever been.

In addition, I’ve had a ton of more energy. I really haven’t changed my sleeping habits or anything but I’ve barely had any caffeine in the past week and I’m extremely wired throughout the day. If anything, having a gallon of water a day is way more efficient than coffee or anything else. I definitely wouldn’t have guessed this before.

Overall, I definitely feel healthier, as I can work out significantly harder than before without feeling as sore the next day. I also feel like I can think more clearly than before – I’m not sure why this is a side effect, although it’s definitely a positive one that I’m not complaining about.

I still have 33 days left in the experiment (a little less than 5 weeks), so it’ll be interesting to see what happens as this goes on.

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