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DJ Snake & Yellow Claw – Ocho Cinco (Freccero Remix)

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I’ve been producing a lot of remixes lately, so here’s the remix I did of Ocho Cinco by DJ Snake & Yellow Claw! Because the original track is hardstyle, I made this a very intense Dubstep remix to compliment the original. What I really like is that they created a remix compilation and had numerous different artists and styles on it, so I figured to jump into the mix.

Unfortunately Soundcloud wouldn’t let me post it due to copyright issues, so listen to it on YouTube below! I also have a Free Download link under it as well. I will say that Soundcloud has gotten better at the whole copyright situation, but there is still some progress to be made.

Free Download via Toneden: Toneden Link


Song Explanation

Like I said above, this track came out pretty intense, so fair warning there. I started this track off using the end of the original actually, blending that with my own percussion and bass elements.

I then jump into the first verse, which is a giant crescendo with future bass-style vocal splicing. I added my own melody and chord progression to make this remix more unique, then I had it build pretty quickly to the drop.

The first drop I had a call and response with my intense dubstep growls along with the Ocho Cinco drop elements. Because it’s alternating between DJ Snake’s and Yellow Claw’s sound design, I went back and forth between my one note growls and their middle eastern melody.

After the first drop, I jump into the second verse, which is very similar to the intro of the track. I didn’t want to lose any intensity, so had it be pretty brief as I built it back up again.

On the second drop, I did another call and response, but this time I switch back-and-forth at a faster rate. I then highlight my main synth, making it a super low wobble while being completely isolated. With the first drop being half-and-half of my remix and the original, the second drop featured more of my own sound design and style.

This remix came out to be a pretty heavy banger, so hit play and rage on!

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