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Dillon Francis – Say Less (feat. G-Eazy) [Freccero Remix]

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Here is my Jazz House remix of Say Less by Dillon Francis featuring G-Eazy! The original track is an absolute banger, blending Hip Hop, Electro House and Break Beat all into track. For this remix, I decided to keep the Electro House vibes, but add in some jazzy elements to make it more funky.

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Song Explanation

The original track is at 136bpm, which is very fast for a house track (hence why I said the original has some breakbeat elements). I decided, right off the bat, to slow this track down to 133bpm – even though that’s only 3 beats per minute slower, it really allows me to add certain elements without it seeming too fast.

The beginning of the track starts off with G-Eazy’s vocals, along with my own percussive groove. For this remix, I actually only used G-Eazy’s vocals, even though I had access to all the other stems in the track (I find that’s what I normally do, as I like to add all my own elements around the vocals of an original).

Then, I transfer the track into a downtempo point, blending some cinematic elements in the background with his voice, just so it’s in the forefront of the track. Then, as the track builds up, I bring in more elements, leading up to the drop.

Right before the drop, I bring in a trumpet, so that way it doesn’t seem as random on the drop. On the drop, I have a trumpet melody along with some of his vocals and a percussive groove. Then, on the second part of the drop, I bring in a funky vocal splicing melody groove in the background to fill more space and make it more funky.

The next two parts of the track are very similar to the first: Light elements in the verse (to highlight G-Eazy’s vocals), and then more elements on the drop to make it more funky and intense.

Most of my releases lately have been pretty intense, but for this remix, I wanted to make an upbeat track that’s funky yet not too in-your-face.

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