Derren Brown

Derren Brown

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Ahhh Derren Brown. When asked the cliche question “If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would it be,” he immediately is the first person that jumps to mind.

Derren Brown is a famous magician in Europe, but that’s a gigantic understatement. His style can almost be described in the form as “psychological magic.” He infuses psychology, misdirection, showmanship, magic, hypnotism, and persuasive techniques into his performances.

As a result of being a gigantic fan of his, I decided to embark upon the ambitious journey of producing a song about him and his craft.

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Producing this song was far from easy, but I decided I wanted it to be a bit mysterious and dark in certain parts, to represent the magicians code, but also upbeat and light in other parts – to represent his positive and warming personality.

Therefore, I started this track off with a New Age feel, jumping back and forth between two different chords. Then, I brought in his principal theme that he’s used in numerous episodes and specials, building up to the verse.

At the first verse I decided to have a Future Bass chord progression along with some percussive patterns, representing his energetic performances and style. The song then builds, and right before the drop I have his iconic cell phone melody that he’s used in numerous specials.

For the drop I decided to take a completely different turn, and the song gets a bit dark as I take his principal theme and switch it up a bit. I made the main synth very metallic sounding in nature, adding to the overall mysteriousness of the track. I then layered all of this upon a very heavy trap percussive and drum groove.

Upon the second verse, I add to the mysteriousness by bringing in a choir and simple people melody. After bringing back the future bass synths from the first drop, I worked to create an epic-like feel, mimicking how incredible and unique he is as a performer.

After a suspenseful build, I then have the second drop be comparable to the first, but still altering the melody and percussive elements.

Then, as everything dies down at the end, I feature his quote from his most recent special when he finishes saying “You, are the Miracle.”

It took a long time to make this track, as there were so many elements I wanted to include and bring to life, and I’m really excited about how it came out.

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