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Derren Brown: Secret (Show Review)

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NOTE: There are NO Spoilers in this Review

I’ve watched Derren Brown’s videos and specials for years, so when I heard that he was performing in the United States for the first time, I was incredibly excited. Derren Brown fuses “magic, psychology, misdirection and showmanship” into his mind blowing performances, making him a truly unique and unforgettable act.

Being honest right out of the gate – I loved his performance. I was a bit worried what he would do exactly, given the fact that he was performing almost every day and doing so for a United States audience.

For my hardcore Derren Brown fans out there, the best way I can describe his show is that it blended all of his unique talents into one. Everything from mentalism, magic, stage hypnotism, even painting – and more – was performed at an expert level.

Linda Gross Theater

I also liked that the venue, the Linda Gross Theater, was extremely small and intimate. There was only a couple hundred people in the audience, making it an even more interactive and fun show. Even one of my good friends that came with me had a blast, despite not knowing about him beforehand.

The pace of the show was pretty fast I’ll say, especially comapred to other taped performances I’ve seen of him, but it was very smoothly done. Even though he did numerous tricks for roughly 2 and 1/2 hours straight, it didn’t feel rushed in the slightest bit as they all connected to each other in a tasteful way.

I can’t suggest the show enough, as it truly highlighted his talent as not only an amazing magician but performer as well. Like I said above, the show is entertaining regardless if you know him or not, which makes it suitable for everyone.

For his first United States tour, he absolutely killed it. Not only was it awesome to see him live, but it was easily one of my favorite performances of him yet.


P.S. I’m a DJ & Music Producer, and I wrote a song encapsulating Derren’s personality into musical form. Listen to it below:

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