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Daymond John’s Success Formula (Recap & Review)

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I’ve always been a gigantic fan of Shark Tank, and all the Sharks are incredibly skilled and hard working entrepreneurs. Daymond John, one of the main sharks, is the creator of FUBU and has coached hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and businesses.

Recently, he’s been having Success Formula workshops all around the country. Not only that, but they’re 100% free to attend, so I figured why not sign up and try it out.

After attending, I have mixed reviews.

First off, it is a free event. So while there are some good parts and some bad parts, it’s a free event, so I can’t really complain there. But anyway – on to my overall reaction.

There were two main speakers at the event – and Daymond John was not there. Since he’s having these events all around the country, it’s difficult for him to be at all of them, so he had some guest speakers talk about entrepreneurship.

The first one talked a lot about starting a business, various marketing strategies, numerous different ways to make money online, and a few more topics. The second speaker focused primarily on real estate, and various techniques to make money doing it.

Now here’s where it started to all make sense: Throughout their speeches, they would drop hints and talk about the 3-day intensive course, which is roughly $2,000. They would say some interesting piece of advice, then finish their sentence with something like “and at the full intensive will teach you (insert large number) more techniques!”

Although they did provide a lot of useful information, a lot of which I haven’t heard of before, it was a bit frustrating at points when they would keep bringing it up. I will say it wasn’t all they talked about – they definitely presented a lot of amazing free information – but it was a lot of subtle lines with a big recap at the end.

Like I said above, I’m a giant fan of Daymond, but remember: He’s a Shark. His goal is to make money, just like other entrepreneurs out there. And judging by the amount of people that actually signed up for both courses, this free event was definitely worth it for him.

You might be asking yourself this big question: Well…should I go to the free workshop?

Here’s my honest advice: If you have a lot of experience in entrepreneurship and business, it might not help you. Although pricy, I do think the $2K you would spend on his 3-day intensive course is worth it. But for just the free seminar, you probably wouldn’t get anything out of it.

For me, I’m 100% self-employed as a DJ/Music Producer and YouTuber, and have a lot of experience with Business and Entrepreneurship. Even still, however, I met a lot of interesting people at the event. Not to mention, the energy and vibe was amazing, and there’s nothing like being around a bunch of hungry entrepreneurs that have the same drive and passion as you.

So overall, I did have a good time at the event, but it was a classic bait-and-switch model. That being said, I did learn a lot of new information, and there’s nothing better than free knowledge.

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