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Crazy End To 2015

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2015 was an incredible year and the ending was pretty epic. Like always, there’s been a lot of big things going on, and I can’t even wait to see what 2016 has in store.

To re-cap what has happened recently, I finally released my next EP, DAT Booty. You can listen to it here:

In addition, I’ve released 3 more singles: Piano Bounce, Send ‘Em To The Brig, and Make It Pop. I actually released Make It Pop yesterday, and you can listen to it here:

There’s a ton of new music that I’m preparing to release for 2016, so I’m pretty pumped to see what happens for this upcoming year.

Speaking of music, I started an interesting side project called Freccero Features. Similar to Freccero Feature Fridays, I showcase various tracks from numerous genres. On Freccero Features, however, I’m not limited to just posting one track per week – in addition, I welcome music submissions to be featured. My main goal is to showcase underground musicians and build the platform to drive traffic to otherwise unnoticed tracks.

Along with Freccero Features I started another YouTube Channel called Freccero Hacks. On this channel I explain various ways to “hack” your life: Build Muscle, Lose Weight, Increase Productivity, Learn Quicker, and more. As an example, here’s a video I made describing the 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee (side note: The song in the Intro Video is Booty Drop):

I have a total of 5 YouTube Channels, which are:

• Marc Freccero – Videos about my lifestyle

Freccero – My artist channel, only containing my music

Freccero Features – My way of featuring awesome tracks (submit yours here!)

• Freccero Hacks – Various techniques to Hack your life

• Buck Living – Videos about finance, geared towards entrepreneurs

Speaking of videos, I just posted this video yesterday containing all my Instagram Videos from 2015. There’s a lot of interesting things that happened, and there’s 38 mini videos total!

Continuing along with the videos, I’ve been training Parkour a lot more lately, and filmed this mini video of me throwing some flips and other movements:

Also with Parkour, some of my friends recently just started the first ever Parkour gym in Massachusetts! It’s located in Norton and you can check out their website here: Hub Parkour Training Center.

Finishing this post off, because the beginning of this year is going to be crazy, I wanted to talk about an interesting story from Basslights (where I also flipped over some girl…).

Me and my girl friends took a Lyft from our hotel to the venue, and when I got in the car I said hi to the guy.

…but he didn’t say anything.

He started making weird hand signs, which I didn’t understand at all, and then pointed to his dashboard where he had a laminated paper tapped to it. On the paper, in big letters, it said: “I’m sorry if I come off rude, I am deaf. If you know sign language, you can sign with me, and feel free to turn up the music as loud as you want.”

I took out my phone and decided to use that as a communication method, and I asked him how it was driving for Lyft. He said that Uber (Lyft’s competitor) rejected him because he was deaf, and he does Lyft because it’s been extremely difficult to get a job, but he absolutely loves doing it (click here if you’re curious about driving for Lyft or Uber to get my honest opinion).

I thought that was an awesome story, simply because despite his unfortunate set backs, he keep pushing through and didn’t use his situation as an excuse.

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