Comedy House

Comedy House

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Anddddddddd here it is! My newest EP, Comedy House. This is one of the most interesting musical projects I’ve ever worked on, as it’s a blend of Comedy and House Music. I worked with 4 amazing Comedians on this album: Jim Jefferies, Sammy Obeid, Jimmy Carr and Christopher Titus.

Note: These tracks contain inappropriate material. Remember that these are jokes, and don’t reflect my personal opinions. 

1. Jim Jefferies

For Jim’s track I decided to take routines from his I Swear to God special, especially because of the routine about DJs. Because he’s naturally a goofy guy on stage, I decided to build the track up after his routines to a funky electro house/future bass groove. This was the first track I produced on the album, and it was a great way to kick off this whole idea. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if the Comedy/EDM combo would work, but after this track, I was even more excited about the result.


2. Sammy Obeid

Sam’s track was a unique one on the album as the rest of the songs follow this order: 1st Routine – Drop – 2nd Routine – Drop. Because the routine I used on this track was very long, I decided to only have it in the beginning, and have the house section be for the rest of the track. As a result of his routine about Peace in the Middle East, I had the drop be an Arabic/Middle Eastern style with simple sound design yet a lot of various elements to really make it interesting.


3. Jimmy Carr

As oppose to the other comedians that had full routines, Jimmy’s style is more one-liners. The production on his track was the most complicated on the EP, as I wanted to blend numerous jokes from various routines and samples, yet have them flow smoothly. I went for a heavier electro house drop on this track, as his routines are a bit more edgy and offensive. And, of course, I had to include his famous laugh right before the drops.


4. Christopher Titus

Last, but definitely not least, Christopher Titus. His track came out pretty unique, as I wanted to make a rock/house groove in addition to his routines. He has a very conservative view on a lot of subjects, and I felt that a rock/country vibe along with house music blended well with his personality. For the drops section, I used a gritty house synth that has an electronic feel yet style rock-like in general. The production style, combined with his routines from Neverlution and Voice In My Head is the perfect way to finish off this EP.

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