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Coachella 2017 Parties Re-Cap

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Damn. This was my first year going to the Coachella Festival and experiencing all the parties, and it was – hands down – the best weekend of my life thus far. While I can’t say everything that happened this past weekend, I can definitely talk about the parties.

I originally wasn’t going to attend Coachella, and then my friend told me that one of the best parts about the festival isn’t the festival itself – it’s all the parties that revolve around it. After reaching out to a ton of different events, getting signed up with media passes, and making connections, I jumped in my car and drove to Palm Springs/Coachella.

Here are the re-caps of all the parties I went to, in alphabetical order. I’ve included a 4K video for each party too, as each event was different and diverse in nature.


Day Club

Kicking this list off is the Day Club Pool Parties. These were absolutely crazy, as they had extremely famous DJs both weekends. As oppose to the other events on this list, which usually have the DJs in the background, this party really put the DJs first. Huge names like Dillon Francis, Skrillex, Party Favor and more performed here, throwing down some insane beats for a crazy event. I’ll also say that the Day Club party was by far the most raging in nature.


Desert Gold

Desert Gold is one of the OG Coachella Parties, and they’ve been having them for years. What I really like about Desert Gold is that it’s a relaxing pool party with everything you’d need: Good vibes, chill beats, and awesome people. While I was there they also had two different showcases: One was of new music products, and another was a Yoga Studio with a new clothing line (they were doing a Yoga Pants photoshoot while I was there).


Desert Jam

Desert Jam was actually the last party I attended before I left, and it was the perfect way to end an incredible weekend. It was a very narrow party layout, as oppose to being wide, and it was an amazing atmosphere. Deep Eddy’s Vodka, Cold Brew High Brew Coffee and Core Water were all there showcasing their new products and giving out tons of samples. This party was upbeat yet relaxing at the same time, having something for everyone.



The Hypebeast party, which was hosted by Under Armour, was an awesome pool party that had a great blend of vibes. As I described in the video, I felt like this party had the “Porridge” zone: Not too crazy, not too chill – it was just right. 1800 Tequila was another sponsor of this party, showcasing a bunch of unique mixed drink combinations. Complete all that with a DJ, and you can an awesome party from start to finish.



Ahhh the Migration party. Unlike every other party on this list, which were more big budget and commercial, the Migration party was just a classic old school rave. As I was driving there I realized how off the grid this party was, as a mile before it was a completely dirt road and blackness, only to then find a raging house and techno party. It started at 2:30am and ended at 7, but that didn’t stop anyone from having an incredible time as people danced until the Sun came up.


Mountain Dew Label Motel

This was the first year Mountain Dew threw the Label Motel Party, and man did they absolutely kill it. They had tons of drinks, all containing their Mountain Dew Black Label series, and tons of party games from Beer Pong to Cornhole. Complete with a pool and full stage, they had G-Eazy perform on the first day to provide an intimate yet top notch experience. They also had tons of rooms containing unique attractions, from VR (Virtual Reality) to Spray Painting.



As you can imagine, the Playboy party was complete with Playboy Models, awesome drinks, and tons of A Listers. Unlike the other parties on this list, the Playboy party was completely inside, having Playboy magazines scattered everywhere and an awesome DJ. This party happened Thursday night, and was the first party I attended for Coachella (what a great way to kick off the weekend).


The Do-Over

The Do-Over, which was hosted by Adidas, was an absolute rager. It was a bit more squeezed than the other parties, but I really loved the layout. They had a room inside with drinks and killer Hip Hop DJs, packed with everyone dancing and having a good time. Outside, they had a classic pool party, blending everything you’d want into a dope party.


Vestal Village

Vestal. Village. This was one of my favorite parties by far, and I can’t imagine anyone not liking it. It was a dope pool party, complete with Rock and Electronic music, unlimited free drinks and food, and amazing scenery. This party was a lot more tame than other ones, and went from Sunrise to Sundown. In addition, there were amazing hiking trails and places to explore around the event, making it absolutely surreal.


Weed Maps

Last, but absolutely not least, is the Weed Maps party. This was at a giant estate in the Coachella area, and had tons of Weed vendors showcasing new products. Everything from new strands, equipment, oils, pieces, and more were being shown off and given out. Complete with an open bar and pool, this was a super chill party that had incredible vibes. Everyone was having an awesome time, relaxing and enjoying life.

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