Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo

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Cinco De Mayo is one of my favorite holidays, so I figured, why not make an upbeat track that blends some Mexican vibes along with some EDM? Thus, this track was born.

It’s a combination of Mexican rhythms and anthems, blended with Trap beats and percussion. Catchy guitars, 808 Bass, Spanish Vocals, and more – essentially, everything you would want in a Mexican EDM Banger.

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Song Explanation

This track actually was a random idea that sparked into my head the day before Cinco De Mayo, as I thought it would be interesting to blend Mexican music with EDM. After having that thought, I immediately realized I had to create the song and release it as fast as possible (especially because this was the night before Cinco De Mayo).

I started this track with some Trap Horns, so even if you know it’s not related to Cinco De Mayo, you still know it’s going to be a banger track. I then had a really distorted trumpet come in, adding to the overall Mexican vibe. I then blended both those samples with an 808 Bass and a lot of percussion elements, making it a pretty energetic track right off the bat.

After the first verse, I then build the track up, and have a “fake drop” where I don’t bring in the bass until 4 bars after the initial drop point. On the start, I have a Spanish guitar melody that I repeat along with a lot of percussive elements and a 808 bass.

The track then transitions into another interlude and build, which then goes into a second drop that’s somewhat comparable to the first, except I use a lot of pitch bending. The first drop is more of world music than EDM, and so for the second drop I wanted to highlight pitch bending, which is a very common technique in Trap music.

Like I said above, Cinco De Mayo is one of my favorite holidays, and I like how this track came out as it was the perfect blend of Spanish Vibes and EDM.

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