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Car Living Videos

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These are a bunch of videos showcasing all the different techniques I used to live out of my car when making The Light Nearby.

Car Sleeping Techniques: How I slept in my car without anyone knowing

Finding Parking Anywhere: My techniques that I used to find parking in any area

 Keeping Cool: How I kept cool while sleeping in my car (especially in the summer!)

Brushing Teeth: How I brushed my teeth anywhere, even in my car!

The Buckmobile: The full tour of my car that I used for the project

Light Nearby Project Q&A: This video goes over the most common questions I received when making The Light Nearby and a decent amount of them relate to living out of my car.

Soylent Review: My review of Soylent, the powered food I consumed out of my car

Making Tea (The Buck Way): How I made Tea while traveling around

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