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This track, Capoeira, is definitely unlike any song I’ve made yet. In the best way possible.

In case you’ve never heard of it, Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art/Dance that blends Acrobatics with striking. It has a full experience around the practice that blends fitness with music and culture, and it’s absolutely incredible to do. Before I got into Parkour and Free Running, I practiced Capoeira, and it was one of my favorite movement styles I’ve ever tried.

For this track, I wanted to blend Capoeira style music by featuring the Berimbau, the staple instrument of Capoeira, along with a Trap beat.

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Song Explanation

Like I was saying above, this track was a very interesting blend of Trap Music and Capoeira Music. What I really wanted to do for this track is to combine the styles smoothly, so I decided to start the track off with some vocal splicing and some trap percussion.

The track then builds, as I didn’t want to stay stuck on the trap vibe for too long. Then, on the bar right before the drop, I decide to bring in the main drop instrument, the Berimbau, to prepare the listener for what the drop is going to sound like. This also lets me highlight the Berimbau, which I want to be at the forefront of the track.

On the drop, I had a Berimbau melody, blended with an 808 Bass and Trap percussion. It then leads into the second part of the drop, where I bring in more elements and claps, as it’s common in Capoeira for people to clap while you’re moving.

The track then transfers into the bridge, where I bring back the vocal splicing, and then it transfers back into another build.

On the second drop, I decide to mess with the Berimbau sample and do a lot of pitching bending with it, which is very common in Trap Music.

Lastly, on the outro, I decide to play the Berimbau sample in full, really highlighting how it sounds without any edits or changes.

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