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Last weekend was pretty crazy, and this one was just as insane – except it really started in the middle of the week. This past Wednesday I made a few changes to the book I’m writing on The Light Nearby and sent it out to my editor – I’m already working on the second draft of the book and improving different areas to make it better.

Later that night, after working on the draft of the book, I went to Wonder Bar because I was DJing for Ladies Night. It was a pretty good night, luckily nothing too crazy, and I went to bed a bit earlier than normal to get some sleep for this weekend – and it was much needed.

I went to my old college UMass Amherst on Thursday as I was visiting some friends and DJing that weekend. One of my friends, Brittany (the one from the World’s Most Comfortable Handshake video), had these baby chickens that were wicked cute:

My friend Brittany has chickens! #animals #rage #chickens #umass #buckmass #buckherst #puffton #snuggle #vet #cute

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That day I worked on a track for my next album, the 3rd song in my 5 song EP. The EP is coming out awesome and I’m getting even more excited as it’s really coming together. The best part about this EP is that I feel like I’m really starting to find my sound, which is hugely important for a producer.

Thursday night was bar night, as we went bar hopping all around Amherst center. I got Antonio’s which is the best pizza I’ve ever had in the United States. It’s insane how many people get it after going out, and it’s even better because it’s right next to all the bars. The next day I worked more on the track which I’m calling Mashed Potatoes (I’ll explain why later). Afterwards Brittany and I went out and bought jeans because my last pair ripped 5 months ago and I haven’t gotten any since then haha. We then met up with our friend Sarah and we all went to a tailgate for the UMass Football game. Some of the musicians from the UMass Marching Band were there jamming out. They did a cover of Hey Baby (If You’ll Be My Girl) that was fire:

After the tailgate we went back and got ready for that night to party hop. We bounced around to different parties and then went to this random pizza place (I think it’s called College Pizza) and I ended up speaking Arabic to the worker there. Good Times.

The next day was Parkour Day. During my senior year at UMass my Parkour Team and I started the first ever Parkour Day. The idea was to invite people from all over the north east to come and do Parkour. The weather was absolutely perfect this year, and it felt so good to move again (in addition to Hubbable last weekend). I DJ’ed the event and did Parkour at the same time, so I got some footage of me doing both:

After DJing and doing Parkour all day I went back and took a nap because I was absolutely exhausted. Then, after a much needed nap, we started getting ready because it was Amanda’s birthday party that night. I decided to set up all my DJ equipment on the top of their staircase because it overlooks the entire apartment, making it way easier to Get Buck without worrying about something happening to my DJ equipment.

It was a crazy night, and this morning I said bye to everyone and came back to Boston. This upcoming week is going to be amazing too, as it’s Marathon Monday tomorrow and I’m also going to see Love & Light on Wednesday night. The Buck continues.

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