Black Mirror

Black Mirror

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My newest single, Black Mirror, is easily one of my favorite releases yet of 2017. It’s the first deep house track that I’ve ever made, and normally I dislike deep house, but I like it when it’s very deep along with some harder bass elements.

This track was a blend of not only unique vocals, but also about the show Black Mirror (which everyone should see). It’s basically a combination of deep house, dubstep, and bass house – all fused into one wubby track.

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Song Explanation

Like I said above, this track is a very deep, deep house track. I really wanted to blend unique styles of dubstep, house, and other genres into one hard hitting yet catchy track.

I started this song off with just a quick percussion groove, and then I quickly jump into the main vocals. What’s interesting is that the original vocals are actually female, and I pitched them down as I felt they sounded better and also fit the deep house vibe a lot stronger as oppose to being higher.

As the first verse continues, I bring a lot of heavy bass elements in, but subtly in the background as I want the vocals to be at the forefront. Then I build the track up, jumping into the first drop.

For the first drop I made a melodic style bass house groove, jumping back and forth between a few different bass synths. All of this was then layered with other deep house/trippy elements, adding to the vibe overall.

Now on the second verse, I had it be comparable to the first, except with the switch of vocals. Like most tracks, I wanted the elements to be the same, but have the vocals be a slight bit different just to make them be right in the front.

After the build, I jump into the second drop, which is a lot different than the first. While the first is more melodic, the seconded is more deep and intense, as I really use a lot heavy dubstep/wub elements to add to the semi dark vibe.

Upon the outro, I then isolate just the percussion, which is a deep house groove blended with a Moombahton groove to make it more catchy and energetic.

Considering this is the first deep house track I’ve ever made, I’m pumped how it came out, especially because I wanted it to be super deep yet catchy.

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