Count On Me

BIJOU & Evan Allen Ft. Kaleena Zanders – Count On Me (Freccero Remix)

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You know when you listen to a track and immediately you’re hooked? That’s what I experienced when I heard Count On Me by BIJOU & Evan Allen Ft. Kaleena Zanders. Everything from the incredible vocals, to the production, the groove, and more, was phenomenal.

In addition, while I was listening to the track, I had my own idea of what would be a cool remix. And whenever I get the itch to remix a track, I immediately begin working. Even though I was finishing my 3rd full length album, I took a break to produce this G House remix.

Stream via YouTube: YouTube Link


Song Explanation

I decided to start this track off with the percussion from the original, and then I added some choir stabs. This helps let the listener know, from the very beginning, that it’s going to be something different. Along with this I added some vocal atmospheric elements to increase the emotional feeling.

In the first verse, I just had the vocals playing, except I layered the original vocals by doubling them and then pitching down the second one by an octave and taking out the formants. This gives it that “future” feel, and in certain parts, you can hear the lower vocals come out.

As the verse progresses, I decide to jump into a build when the original track drops – just creating some variation from the original.

Upon the drop, I did a call-and-response with 2 different synths. Along with the synths, I added an OTT to help make the sonic spectrum of the 2 synths as similar as possible.

After the first drop, I jump into the second verse, which is the exact same as the original except with the extra pitched down vocals like I did in the first verse.

When the second drop hits, you are already used to the synths, so I decided to make it more intense with more going on. In addition, I pitched up one of the other synths a lot to make it more interesting and unique. The track then concludes with a typical outro of the choir stabs and percussion.

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