Bass Fire

Bass Fire

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I’ve been releasing tons of tracks lately, but this one really jumps out at me in terms of the production. Already, since the time that I released the track until this post (it’s been about a week), I’ve gotten reposted and reblogged by tons of different Trap and Dubstep groups. As you can tell from the name, this is a very intense Dubstep/Hard Trap track.

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When I produce a track, I find that if it gets stuck in my head that’s usually a good sign. I’ve always believed that if you can’t jam out to your own tracks, you’re producing them wrong.

This was an exception.

…but in a really, really good way. Since the moment that I started producing this track, it was stuck in my head.

So this track starts off with this really catchy vocal splicing sample, going for 8 bars and then jumping into the intro. I wanted this song to have a cinematic feel in the beginning, so in the start, I have a slow build as I jump into a chord progression along with some light percussion.

Then I have a 16 bar build, as I really wanted to create a lot of tension (most builds are only 8 bars).

Because of all the tension/suspense, I wanted this drop to be extremely intense, even border-line aggressive. This is definitely one of my favorite drops I’ve ever produced, as there are so many elements.

I start the drop off with an intense growl that is three synths compressed into one, then playing a hard trap screech. The drop is a huge call and response between the dubstep growls and the hard trap synth, making this drop even more intense.

Near the end of the drop, I then bring back the vocal sample from the beginning, just adding variety to the drop.

Next, I jump into another 16 bar build, as I felt the intro was long enough so I didn’t want to have a second verse (it also helps keep the intensity of the track).

Upon the second drop, I switch up the sound design on the hard trap track, and feature that synth a ton. In the first drop I focused on the growls a bit more, but in the second, I highlighted the unique sound design I worked on to make this track really pump.

I’m really excited how this track came out, as it’s perfect for concert/live performances. This one definitely hits hard.

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