Avoiding Tolls with Google Maps

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This is an awesome technique that I use tremendously when traveling around, and I used it especially when traveling around making The Light Nearby.

Google Maps is a free program that you can download for any smartphone that turns your phone into a GPS. Google Maps is by far the best GPS app out there, accounting for traffic, constantly showing faster routes, and more. The best feature of Google Maps, that tops the rest, is that you can create routes to avoid tolls, thus saving you money.

There is one thing you need to be aware of.

Avoiding Tolls will inevitably add more time onto your journey, so you need to figure out if it’s worth it or not. When you’re avoiding tolls, you’re obviously doing it so you can save money, but sometimes it depends on the toll itself.

For example, when driving from Boston to Miami, I found that avoiding tolls adds an extra hour and a half on your route. New York tolls can be extremely expensive, so after doing some math out, I found it to be way better to avoid tolls (and drive the extra distance) as oppose to paying the tolls themselves.

However, in same cases, it’s actually better to pay the toll. If the toll is only $0.15, but avoiding it adds an extra hour on your trip, you’re way better off just taking the toll because it’s going to save you more money in comparison. It’s tough to know exactly how much the tolls are going to cost if you’re not from that area, but I would suggest trying the site Cost 2 Drive which shows you how much tolls will cost from one location to another.

Here’s how to do it!

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