Avmacol Review

Avmacol Review (Sulforaphane Supplement)

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Here is my full review of Avmacol, one of the best Sulforaphane Supplements on the market. Being transparent, I received a complementary bottle from Nutramax in return for reviewing Avmacol, and I told them that I would be 100% honest in my review of it.

And being honest, I absolutely loved it.

Like I said above, Avmacol is a Sulforaphane supplement. Sulforaphane is becoming increasingly more popular, as it has a tremendous amount of health benefits. It’s found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and most famously, broccoli sprouts.  The issue, however, is that you need a lot of cruciferous vegetables to get a proper amount. Broccoli Sprouts have the most, but it’s pricy to buy, and you have to be careful if you decide to grow it yourself.

This is where Avmacol comes into play. Especially because I’m a DJ/Music Producer, I’m constantly traveling, and it’s important to stay healthy on the go. This is where Avmacol is even more important, as it’s not easy to get all your nutrients in while on-the-go.

Sulforaphane itself has a tremendous amount of health benefits, such as:

Reduces Cancer Risk
• Reduces Obesity
• Promotes Detoxification
• Boosts Immune System
• Reduces Inflammation
• Reduces Cognitive Defects
Improves Autism

…and a lot more. You can click on any of those benefits and you’ll be brought to a research study, as Sulforaphane is really starting to gain attention. I personally first heard about it from Dr. Rhonda Patrick, as she was talking about all the incredible health benefits that are now being demonstrated from it. She’s a famous researcher in the field of anti-aging, health, and nutrition, and she’s been extremely vocal about how incredible Sulforaphane is for you (Side Note: I produced a song encapsulating Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s personality in musical form, check it out here: Dr. Rhonda Patrick).
AvmacolNow when it comes to Avmacol specifically, my personal experience taking it was very interesting.

When it comes to most health supplements, it’s not something that you feel right away. It’s not like caffeine or something that gives you a “buzz” – it’s something you start to feel over time. A lot of the health benefits from Avmacol are just that, where over time you really start noticing a difference.

I took it for a month, and definitely noticed a change.

First off, I noticed that I could recover from workouts faster. I do Parkour and Free Running, and a lot of my workouts are pretty rigorous, and I quickly noticed that I was a lot less sore the next day. Like I said above, Sulforaphane has been shown to reduce inflammation, which really helps with physical activity.

Secondly, I noticed that I was a lot more upbeat and happy throughout the day. There has been some research to show that it can help with depression, especially from a neurological standpoint. In addition, I noticed that I was cognitively more “on point,” and this has been shown as well because it reduces cognitive defects and helps autism – so it makes sense that it improved my cognitive performance and psychological state.

Lastly, I just in general felt “better.” I noticed that after a couple weeks, I just felt healthier, both physiologically and psychologically. Being transparent, this could have been from the placebo effect, but given the first two benefits, I can conclude that it’s most likely from taking Avmacol.

Like anything, there’s both pros and cons to any product, and there’s only two negative aspects I can think of:

• Cost – Depending on your income/budget, Avmacol is roughly $23.95/month. Personally, I think that’s extremely cheap as I’ve spent triple that for less than a months supply, but everyone’s financial situation is different. Here’s my honest advice though: It’s for your body, and that’s irreplaceable.

• Taste – You can buy Avmacol in either a crushable form or non-crushable form. So if you have trouble swallowing pills, or if you want to give it to children who don’t like swallowing pills, the crushable format is really helpful. For me, I have trouble swallowing pills, so I have the crushable kind. I just chew them and then swallow, so I get the full taste when I have them – and it tastes roughly like bitter broccoli. It’s not the best taste, but when mixed with yogurt or a smoothie, you can barely taste it.

Overall, Avmacol is now a staple in my nutrition regimen, and I can’t suggest it enough. For the benefits I mentioned above, and even more than that, it’s a great way to improve your physiological and psychological well being.

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