ATLiens Alchemy

ATLiens – Alchemy (Freccero Remix)

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I’ve been producing an insane amount lately, and been releasing tons of tracks as well. Most of my recent releases have been more house-based and electro – until now. This is definitely the heaviest track I’ve released in a while, and for a good reason – it’s my remix of Alchemy by ATLiens.

When I first heard this track I was with friends in a club, and it blew us away. After franticly searching for it, we couldn’t find it – luckily, it was released a few days after. Since I’ve been a huge fan of the original track since I first heard it, I wanted to put a really heavy dubstep spin on it.

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Song Explanation

For this remix I really wanted to bring a heavy dubstep twist on the original. Although the original is a heavy bass track in nature, I wanted to blend a different heavy bass style with ATLiens already unique production on this track.

I started it off with vocal splicing from the original, and then I add in my own unique melody and elements. I do this more to build suspense, as I wanted to create a specific ambiance.

Then, I have the track inevitably build up, transitioning into a really heavy drop.

For the drop, I blended 3 different synths together, where I wanted to have an intense impact right off the bat. I held the root note of the track (E Flat), later then alternating with some vocal splicing from the original track. As the drop continues, I only play 3 notes, but hold them for a long, really creating an aggressive vibe – along with various percussion and bass elements.

After the first drop, I transfer to an interlude where I use the original track as a reference. Then, I quickly build the track back up to keep the intensity going.

On the second drop, I alternated between a high pitched synth and the other gritty elements from the first drop, making a trap/dubstep fusion. As the drop then progresses, I go back into the same pattern as the first drop, then leading into the outro.

This was definitely one of the most intense tracks I’ve made so far this year, and I’m glad it was for such an epic track as this one.

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