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An Important Perspective on the Vegas Incident

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Like most people, I’m still in shock about what happened in Vegas. Especially since I’m a DJ/Music Producer, I’m always in Vegas going to shows and attending events. I’ve performed in Vegas, partied in Vegas, hung out with numerous artists and club promoters in Vegas, and a lot more. There is a really important perspective I want to give about the Vegas Shooting, one that is extremely important to keep in mind right now.

Side Note: If you’re located near Vegas, they’re in desperate need of blood donations. Here are the centers you can visitVegas Blood Donation Centers
While the numbers keep rising in terms of how many are affected by this, I really want to bring up an important quote by Mr. Rogers: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'”

As horrific as this incident is, all I’ve seen so far is an incredible outreach from people to help out as much as they can. When I was watching the news late last night, they were interviewing numerous people – most of whom had blood on them – about what happened.

People who aren’t cops, or trained forces, were talking about how they were pulling bodies out and shielding people. They were literally risking their lives to save people they didn’t know. They weren’t doing this because it was their job, or for some other benefit – they were doing it because of the goodness in people.

People were helping so much that the Las Vegas Police Department had to tell people to hide and stop helping, as they only wanted trained forces on the ground.

Even today, the day after the incident, there was a three hour line just to sign up to donate blood. Here is the video posted by the DJ/Producer Justin Blau:

Among all of this, among all the chaos, there are an incredible amount of people doing whatever they can to help out. There are even psychologists donating their time and volunteering to help out by talking with the trauma victims.

I just wanted to write this post as important point that sometimes, when something like this happens, it’s easy to say “the world has gone mad” or “things are getting worse.”

But remember: While there was 2 shooters, there are hundreds of thousands of people helping out by donating their time, expertise, blood, money, and more. While this is definitely a scary event, always remember one thing: There are always significantly more helpers, demonstrating what humanity is truly about.

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