Airplane Etiquette


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This is going to be a pretty quick yet important post about Airplane Etiquette – yet it’s something everyone needs to know. Whether you fly all the time, or you only fly a few times in your lifetime, this is an important – yet unspoken – rule about flying.

To quote the comedian Jim Jefferies: “Window gets an armrest and a wall. Middle gets two armrests. Aisle gets an armrest and a little bit of extra leg. We’re not animals. We live in a society.”

When it comes to being on an Airplane, those are the main rules, as the window is really good because people can look outside – and get one armrest. The middle – which is the worst seat by far – gets two armrests (because that seat is horrible). And lastly, the aisle seat (which is actually my favorite) gets one armrest and more legroom to stretch out.

Even though this isn’t law, it’s the unspoken rule that we all follow – just like calling 5s on a seat, or only being allowed to claim shotgun until you see the car. Just remember that next time you fly!

Side Note: I wrote a track about the comedian Jim Jefferies, check it out here: Jim Jefferies by Freccero.

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